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Following up after your Interview

There is something to be said about following up with your potential employer after an interview. It shows that you are interested beyond just the interview.

“Following up can help you stand out to the crowd and can reinforce the fact that you’re a strong candidate for the hiring manager. Not following up could even cost you the job. A CareerBuilder survey reported that 15% of hiring managers wouldn’t hire someone who didn’t send a note, and 32% would think less of them.” says Alison Doyle

So, we all agree now that it is important to follow-up after an interview.  Only one question remains: Phone, Email, or Hand Written Note?  I think we can safely cross off phone call from the list.  It is way too intrusive to be of much use to a job seeker.  Imagine you are working hard on a project, the front desk buzzes you and tells you that you have a phone call, you answer it to find that you must now spend 5 minutes of idle chit-chat with someone that was in for an interview the other day.  Scratch that.

A hand written note is always a good option, well, almost always.  If the person you interview with indicates you will hear news in fewer than 2 days, then you should probably email your thanks to those you interviewed with.

So what are you waiting for?


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