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Five Things You Could Be Doing Wrong on LinkedIn

An Incomplete Profile

Remember that your profile is all some people have to go on when assessing who you are. A half-completed profile could leave people to assume you aren’t a finisher. Don’t sell yourself short by leaving out accomplishments and experience. Your friends may know what’s missing from your profile, but your dream company doesn’t.

An Inappropriate Photo
You get one teeny-tiny shot at leaving a strong visual impression. Choose this photo wisely. Does it line up with the kind of job you want to have?

You Only Use it When You’re Looking for a Job
Keeping your network current as you go along will make reaching out and finding your valuable connections easier when you are looking for a job.

Connecting to People You Don’t Actually Know
The whole point of LinkedIn is to build a database of your real connections. By doing this, you can know how you’re actually connected to others that you may want to do business with, hire, or work for one day. When you add lot of connections that aren’t real, it devalues this feature for you.

Not Connecting to People You Do Know
Again, this tool is best utilized when you’ve fully built out your real network on your account. You may not see that guy you used to work with as being valuable in the future, but you never know, he may be connected to someone with whom you really want an introduction one day.

We’d love to hear from you! What are some common mistakes that you’ve noticed being made?

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