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Excellence is striving to be the best we can be in life and business.  That very excellence is a part of the core values at IDR, Inc..  It is a natural response to accountability because as we are accountable to others our product in life and in business will rise to meet that accountability.  It has always amazed me at how easy it is to separate those who have a winning attitude and spirit from those without simply by instituting accountability and watching the level of excellence in response.

Excellence doesn’t mean perfection.  No one is perfect, we recognize that excellence is more about the effort put to the task as opposed to its perfect completion.  Did you stay that extra 15 minutes to make sure that your candidate was prepared, did you make sure to turn off your email when you are on vacation to ensure your family gets 100% of you, and did you follow through on your commitments to other team members.

The mark of excellence is someone that chooses day in and day out to give all of themselves to the task at hand.  It can be as simple as offering to mentor a new staff member or as complex as developing a manual for interview preparation.  The goal is to do all that you do as well as you possibly can.  Be excellent.

People who are excellent always embody our next core value: Preparation.

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