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Encourage Conflict

Many people like to avoid conflict at all costs, but some people don’t mind facing it head-on. No matter what side of the fence you are on, it’s inevitable, but the most important aspect of it, especially in the corporate world, is that it’s managed properly. In fact, when conflict is managed well, it can positively affect company growth. Here’s how to make it work:
First, support the differences of opinion. Having everyone always agreeing with you doesn’t help build a strong business model. People need to be willing to push back and poke holes in ideas. Keep an open door for conflict and encourage people to express their opinions freely. Conflict is an opportunity to invite other ideas and possibly raise overlooked concerns.
Conflict also allows you to learn more about your team. When it arises, who gets tougher? Who would rather avoid it and be the peacemaker? There’s no right or wrong response, and it’s not one way or the other. Having a mix of both extremes and those who fall somewhere in the middle is important.
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