Below are guidelines at to what qualifies as business casual. In addition, some tips on details that will make a big difference in how your dress is perceived.

For Men.

  • Collard shirt (dress shirt or polo)
  • Dress pants such as khakis or blue, brown, gray, or black trousers.
  • Belt.
  • Dress shoes.
  • Jacket/blazer optional.

For Women.

  • Top can be a dress shirt, blouse, or sweater combination.
  • Dress paints or skirt (appropriate length) are both acceptable.
  • Close-toed dress shoes.
  • Jacket/blazer optional.

Additional Tips.

  • Iron/press your clothes. (Period.)
  • No crew neck t-shirt showing under your dress shirt. (Are you going to the gym after this meeting?)
  • Stiff collar. (Just as important as a stiff handshake.)
  • Find your fit. (Work out? No one will be able to tell if your sleeves could double as pants.)
  • Point your toes. (Want to boost your classiness? Lose the square-toed shoes.)