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Don’t Worry About These 3 Things to be a Great Leader

be a great leader

What are the qualities of a great leader? More importantly, are the qualities of a great leader always positive and productive?

The short answer is no.  However, let’s unpack this a little further.  It is, in fact, possible for some of the most common great leadership characteristics to become bad.  Here are a few:

The need to be liked.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with being liked by the people you work with.  Especially in the early phases of leading any type of group–respect and favor can create a great culture.

The need to be liked goes wrong when the leader becomes addicted to receiving that affection.  At this point, decisions become weighted with bias and communication loses its clarity.

The need to be the smartest person in the room.

Leaders lead. They coach, mentor and push others to places they wouldn’t otherwise go.  However, things take a turn for the worse when leaders feel a fierce need to let everyone else know how clever they are and how strong their leadership is.

If you’re spending your time adding gloss, flash and wit to a group meeting–you’re doing nothing but killing productivity.

The need to be elsewhere.

As a leader, you’re bound to be busy.  Hey, you might even have a free pass to duck out of a meeting in case it’s running too long.

However, you’re needed, here.  Wherever that is.  Not just half of you, either.  We’re talking full attention physically, emotionally and intellectually.

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