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Designing a Winning Resume, Part One: Framework

Is your resume a necessary evil or your best sales pitch in print? Designing a winning resume is one valuable step in finding the right next position. Here are some tips about how your resume looks, the first impression.

1. Keep it brief. One page is preferable but two pages are acceptable if you’re farther along in your life/work journey. Don’t write flowery, descriptive paragraphs. Brief bullet points get your point across more quickly and effectively.

2. Quality matters. Use good paper (when handing out paper resumes). The fonts you choose should be crisp and easy to read. Whitespace matters—give your readers’ eyes a rest with wide margins. Use italics, bullets and boldface type to highlight important facts.

3. Think simple and organized. Your goal is that your resume be easy to read and absorb. Many resume templates are available online. Choose one that offers a simple structure that works with your accomplishments.

Your resume is the first impression most employers will receive from you. Take time to get it right so you move on to the next step in your job search journey.

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