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Could Your Workout Lead to Work?

Often when we’re looking for a new position we’re not in the best head space. Perhaps there have been challenges, seemingly insurmountable, in your present job. Or maybe you’re not working at all. In any case, one of the best gifts you can give yourself is regular workouts with like-minded people.

Exercise results in better energy and a healthier body. You’ll feel better about yourself as you meet people in interview settings.

If you work out regularly at a gym or join a running club, you’ll make contacts that may lead to job leads. Casual acquaintances are often the best sources for finding potential job prospects. (For more, see Others will get to know you and see your discipline and dedication, which will give them a good perspective to recommend you for positions that may surface where they work.

The workout itself will give you a rush of endorphins, natural hormones that boost your mood and energy and help you see the world from a more positive viewpoint. The upward spiral of positive choices (read The Power of Habit for more on this) will help you to compound the good choices you’re making, which can only help your search.

Working out benefits us as much mentally as physically, and mental toughness is an important component of persisting through a successful job search.

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