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Build Your Online Reputation

Curating used to be strictly associated with museums: the process of deciding what it would take to create the perfect experience for visitors.  However, in today’s times curating expands beyond just museums to restaurants, retailers, and even individuals.

Individuals? But how? Through the Internet.  It’s the one-stop-shop for people to learn about other people, so the next time you’re surfing the web, curate yourself.  Here is a good way to start:

Decide what defines you.

What is the main thing that people should know about you? Your professional side? The hobbies you are passionate about? As you’re looking through your online profiles and accounts, make sure that whatever you’re posting aligns with how you want to be known.

Embrace the Big Three.

The “Big Three” are LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.  They boost your chances of showing up in search results, and having a profile that’s clean and well-organized shows that you care about presentation.

Explore other options.

Be selective and dedicate some time in setting up other accounts for yourself.  It all depends on what you’re looking for—there’s a community for everyone on the Web.

Set Up Your Site

This isn’t news, but it’s worth repeating: having your own domain is cheap and easy.  Your simplest option is to set up a Tumblr account, which you can link to your personal website.  Also look at WordPress and Blogger for other options.

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