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Build Productive Habits

Why is it that good, productive habits are the hardest to form? It turns out that the answer is the same for why they are also so effective.  It’s all in the willpower.  That willingness to resist immediate temptations and give acknowledgment to long-term goals.

Think of it in terms of working out.  You want to get as many reps as possible until doing it right becomes instinctive and automatic.  The more you practice something, as arduous and frustrating it may become at times, the more you improve and progress.

For instance, say at your office you have a hard time remembering all the tasks you need to get done over the course of an 8-hour day. In order to combat that, you start to make a habit of writing down a list of what  you need to do every morning before you start working.  It isn’t easy from the beginning, but after enough practice it becomes a habit that helps you optimize your time at the office.

What are some productive habits that you can start building?

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