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Bring Out the Best

Are you familiar with the Gallup Organization’s research regarding personal strengths? They created an online assessment tool based on decades of research that can help you figure out your top five strengths, based on 34 different possibilities.


But their philosophy is the most interesting part. They believe if we can hone in on the things we’re best at, we can improve in the areas where we naturally excel and find careers that bring out the best in us instead of focusing on things we struggle with and trying to develop skill sets that will never come easily to us.


Check out their books, StrengthsFinder 2.0 and Now, Discover Your Strengths. In each of the books they explain the theory behind their research and detail each of the 34 possible strengths. A code to take the online assessment is also included in each copy of either book.


You may find out that you are naturally a harmonious person, or person who thinks from a futuristic perspective. Perhaps you have woo, which helps you meet people easily, or relator, which helps you delve deeply into relationships with others. Often we take for granted the parts of us that come naturally, giving them less credibility because they feel effortless.

Do you naturally focus on the positive strengths in yourself or on your weaknesses? How could you take the things you’re good at to the next level? How could you create a career that uses those strengths for the greater good?

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