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Being Part of an ESOP

We can tell you as much as we want about what an ESOP is or why we chose it, but the real power behind it lies in the perceptions of our employees. This decision has affected each of them individually. Today, we are going to share what they have to say about being a part of an ESOP. Their enthusiasm and sense of empowerment is a testament to this decision.

An ESOP to me is being part of something bigger than ourselves. An ESOP is a group of individuals who come together under a common cause to share in the results that THEY create. It is a mentality as well as a program with tangible rewards and duties. An ESOP is in its essence the 6th Habit, Synergy.

Matt Jones
ESOP to me means that we are all in this thing together, that we are here to help each other get better every day and in doing so, help our organization get better each day; ESOP means that we are all owners and all have a say in the direction that we choose to move forward in.

Brandon Rogers
Being part of an ESOP means to me is being a part of something special. People dream of having an opportunity to own and manage their own company, however, rarely do they have chance to make this come true. It is a tremendous opportunity, but at the same time an awesome responsibility. To think and act like an owner takes an incredible amount of dedication, discipline, and desire. The ability to have your voice heard and efforts matter on a daily basis is a gift, and to have the opportunity to see your contributions make a positive difference is a blessing. I’m so grateful to be a part of this amazing experience.

Jake Terrell
Being part of an ESOP means that my thoughts and my beliefs count just as much as everyone else’s. It means that we are in a true ownership culture, and everybody has a “say” in what happens. It is having a sense of pride in knowing that every move you make, can substantially improve your future! If employees perform extraordinarily well company performance is more likely to be extraordinary, and that translates into high stock value for the employees!

ESOP’s like ours are a wonderful idea. Your personal impact directly is tied to the financial worth of the company. It holds us all accountable for our actions. It holds us all accountable for our words that are placed on our GNO’s. The strength of an ESOP is the reflection of those who make up its ownership. It is built by the blood, sweat, tears and fortunes of each individual. The ESOP is as strong as its weakest link. The true measure of our ESOP is the enduring character that it is backed by and supported by each and everyone one of our as we carry out our purpose.

Being part of an ESOP includes great responsibility, accountability, and passion amongst owners to achieve one common goal throughout your team. It is an honor and a duty in which the only way to succeed is through hard work and determination. Being part of an ESOP is a privilege that fuels the flame of desire and drive to consistently become better every day; in our actions and daily victories to ultimately enjoy the payoff of being an owner in the long-run.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think ESOP are the two key words within the acronym, Employee and Ownership. And when combined, Employee Ownership.  Being part of an ESOP is just that – each employee taking ownership of The bigger picture; the reason we each get up every day – to fulfill a purpose greater than our own and to be part of something bigger than ourselves.  To me, being part of an employee-owned culture means “owning” each of our roles and giving 110% to all we do because OUR future, and the future of OUR company, lies in each of our hands and hearts.

An ESOP means to me: having complete control and responsibility of my financial future by doing nothing more than serving my purpose!

Will Harris
ESOP is an acronym for “Employee Stock Ownership Plan.” However, to me, being part of an ESOP is more than sharing ownership with your fellow employees.  Being a part of an ESOP is the ability for forward thinking companies to empower each individual to lead. It means that with each individual’s contributions and desire for success, our company will prosper in some fashion. It means when issues arise, we MUST rise above. It means not giving up when we are inclined to give in. It means commitment, not only commitment to your individual goals but commitment to the company vision. It means teamwork!

Liz Chin
Being part of an ESOP is an exciting opportunity to take ownership over the future and the trajectory of the company. After working for companies as a faceless employee, it’s empowering knowing that my team’s hard work will pay out.

Will Lovelett
Being part of an ESOP means control.  It means taking control of my retirement.  It means my work making a difference in my financial future and the financial future of my coworkers.  It means having ownership of the company that I work for and making that company work for me and everyone else involve.  Being part of an ESOP means my hard work benefits all of my coworkers and their hard work benefits me.  It means being part of a team.

Lindsay Kiefaber
ESOP to me is a reward. It is given to an employee rather than purchased. It motivates rewards me for my commitment.

Ashton Lummus
ESOP to me is the prize at the end of the tunnel.  It is a gift and privilege and I know the harder I work, the more I reap in the end.

Caleb Hartley
Being part of an ESOP means to me that everybody has an equally valued opinion in the company. It ensures the president has trust and confidence in every single employee he brings on board.

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