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Being Mindful

Some people come by mindfulness naturally. They pay attention to what they do and why they do it. They tweak along the way and can see the long-term effects of their choices. But most of us don’t pay much attention to our daily habits and actions. We just do the things that have worked in the past. Becoming mindful can change any part of your life, from your eating habits to your career path.

Think about how you eat. Do you sit down with other people for three squares and stimulating conversation, plus add in a couple of snacks each day? Do you run through the drive-thru and eat in the car between appointments? What are some simple tweaks you could make to your normal routines that could have great impact? Changing your afternoon pick-me-up from Twinkies to tomatoes? Or how about preparing yourself a salad for lunch to avoid the carb- and fat-laden fast food offerings?

Being mindful of your career options may take some deep reflection and risk assessment. If you continue as you are right now, will you be content with where you’ll be in five years? What would you need to do differently—or change dramatically—to get you closer to your vision for the future?

Modern philosopher (and cartoonist) Hugh MacLeod said it well: “In order to have a meaningful life, you have to do something meaningful. Meaning doesn’t happen on autopilot.”

Invest some time in being mindful this week. You could reap major results.

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