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Beating the Streets

Conventional wisdom says that if you are looking for a job you put on your suit, print a bunch of resumes, and hit the streets.  In today’s environment, however, that plan doesn’t work very well.  Many jobs that are available aren’t advertised, most companies aren’t set up to take resumes off the street, and there are so many businesses to visit it can become overwhelming.

IDR, and companies like IDR, are set up to do all of the leg work for you.  If you are involved in a job search we will work for you to get a good fit.  You just meet with us and we will take your qualifications and try to match our openings with your resume.  We have contacts with a wide variety of businesses in the Atlanta, Dallas, Nashville, and Washington, D.C. areas that simply walking in off the street can’t touch.

It is our goal to be the best IT staffing company the world has ever seen.  To that end we beat the streets for you to find the best IT jobs available.  Save the shoe leather.  Give us a call and let us make the contacts to land you a dream IT job or contract position.

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