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Be Excellent at Anything

What do Seth Godin and Tony Hsieh have in common? Well first, their amazing leadership and business skills. And second, they both endorse Be Excellent at Anything: The Four Keys to Transforming the Way We Work and Live by Tony Schwartz.

Our book club has recently dived into this book and it is already showing its effects within our work environment. Seventy five percent of employees around the world feel disengaged at work everyday according to the book. But how do we become more satisfied and successful both at work and at home? Schwartz focuses on the four core needs to energize our performance: Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Need more than our recommendation? See what two of the greatest business minds of our generation have to say about it:

“Now, more than ever, we need a unified science of energy–what makes us work (and what doesn’t.) [Schwartz]begins to unlock essential insights we’re going to need to get more done and feel better whilewe’re doing it.”—Seth Godin, blogger and bestselling author of Linchpin

“I’ve read dozens of books about leadership and management. What makes this book unique and essential is the integrated and comprehensive way it addresses the challenge of getting the best from people. At Zappos we deeply believe that truly meeting our employees’ needs is what inspires their great performance. [Be Excellent At Anything] lays out a compelling new workplace paradigm and a detailed roadmap for organizations, leaders and individuals seeking to gain true competitive advantage, even as the rules change every day.”–Tony Hsieh, CEO

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