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Avoid Awkward Handshakes


Everyone has experienced a bad handshake; you walk away from it with thoughts of, “it was like shaking hands with a corpse,” “it was too long,” or “it was just creepy.”

So how do we avoid giving the handshakes that are riddled with limp wrists, crushed fingers and everything else in between? Lets walk through a few cues that can help you avoid being known as someone who gives bad handshakes.

Be Attentive

Make eye contact with whomever you’re about to shake hands with.  It eliminates the possibility of getting distracted and, more importantly, creating an incredible awkward situation.

Dry Your Hands

There is nothing more gross than shaking someone’s moist hand and having them say, “Sorry, I just left the bathroom.” That’s just wonderful.  Wash and dry your hands thoroughly.

Communicate Clearly

People use social signals to function properly, if we’re sent the wrong signal, strange things happen.  Assume the leadership role in the pre-handshake interactions and signal whether you’re going in for a fist bump, high five, or whatever you feel is appropriate.

Use Only One Hand

We know that seems like an obvious thing to say but it does happen.  Going in to shake someone’s hand only to be double-teamed by both of their hands creates uncomfortable levels of forced familiarity.  So what’s the alternative? If you feel the need to further touch the person, shake hands normally and touch their forearm with your free hand.

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