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Attract or Repel?

If you were interviewing at a company would you rather them tell you all the reasons they are a great company or would you rather them tell you all the reasons you probably wouldn’t want to work there?  The idea of airing all the bad things about a company upfront seems to be gaining traction in the marketplace as more and more companies realize the cost of not retaining talent.

Some have placed the cost to replace an employee lost to turnover is equal to 150% of the base salary for that position.  That is a staggering sum.  By the time you hire, train, insure, etc a new employee making $30,000 per year you will have spent $45,000.  Everyone agrees that turnover is expensive, but to see it in suck stark terms is still pretty shocking.

It can be scary to tell potential employees all of the reasons they should run away, but if they choose to stay then you know you have an employee that will fit well in your business.  What do you think?  Is this something you would consider in your business?  Why or why not?

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