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Atlanta Job Market

The AJC reports 10.2% of Metro Atlanta residents are unemployed. The unemployment rate from November to December 2010 was released on Thursday. This represents a .1% increase from last year.

Georgia’s unemployment is constantly in the news. With companies trying to cut back, jobs are becoming increasingly difficult to find. But what can Georgia residents do to improve these numbers?

Nathan Deal has been the Governor of Georgia for less than a month, but he already has big plans for the state.   Increasing jobs is one of Deal’s biggest initiatives.

The Atlanta Business Chronicle reports that Deal believes jobs and education go hand in hand. Deal said there is no point to spend tax dollars on education if we do not have the jobs to keep college graduates in state after graduation.

Deal is working directly with the Georgia Department of Economic Development to work on their new project called the Georgia Competitive Initiative to create jobs.

“This effort will pull together some of our best business minds from across the state with the goal of developing a next-generation strategy for economic development,” he said

Georgia business must be willing to take a deeper look at their companies employment. By working together on a business and government level  Atlantians can come together to strengthen our economy. With a struggling economy, all companies are being cautious. By taking a cautiously optimistic look at Atlanta we will be back on our feet in no time.

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