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Atlanta Giving Back- CHOA

Last month our Atlanta team spent our giving back day at Children’s Hospital of Atlanta. We spent our morning in the hospital providing breakfast for anyone who came by.

While we were not working with specific people, everyone who we came in contact with was appreciative of our work. Some of the recipients were families of children who are admitted into the hospital. These parents and siblings in many cases are so wrapped up into the health of their children they have forgotten about their own nutrition. By providing breakfast, we are able to help take one more “to-do” off of their plate so they can focus on their family!

We also were able to provide breakfast for many of the doctors and nurses at the hospital. They are often so busy they do not have time to go get breakfast, but they are very grateful to be able to grab a quick bite.

Some bagels, yogurt, donuts, and other items may not seem like a huge contribution. But sometimes taking time out of your schedule to do something seemingly simple for someone who feels like they are at the end of their rope can make all the difference.

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