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Atlanta Gives Back

This month, our Atlanta team used their day to give back working with Habitat for Humanity.They spent the day working outside to build a house for some people who have fallen on hard times.

Lindsay Kiefaber from our Atlanta team explained why they chose Habitat for Humanity, “The people who receive Habitat built homes work hard for them. These people are not asking for a handout, but rather a hand up. They are families with children who are struggling through a difficult stage in life. It means a lot to us personally to help somebody in need.”

Across the country their are people, communities and neighborhoods that could use some help. IDR is about more than a, “good deed.” Ultimately, we want to change the communities we live in. Working with Habitat for Humanity is just one of the many ways to change these communities.

Here are some pictures of our team working:

Atlanta Habitat for Humanity

Atlanta Habitat for Humanity

Atl Habitat 3

Atlanta Habitat for Humanity


How do you give back to your community?

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