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One of our core values is Accountability.  At IDR accountability means taking responsibility for our actions, regardless of outcome, in order to honor obligations and expectations set by clients, peers, and ourselves.

This means when we make a mistake, when our pride gets hurt, or an expectation isn’t fulfilled we choose to admit our mistakes and learn from them.  We choose to play at a different level when it comes to our accountability.  At IDR we own all of our accomplishments and in turn own and learn from our mistakes.

Our team members know from the outset that blaming others for their mistakes goes against this value.  Accountability encourages our team to speak with each other candidly in reviewing projects to learn where things could have been improved.

IDR is committed to an accountable culture.  We believe that being accountable to your team fosters a culture where people go the extra mile to know they aren’t letting down the rest of the team.  Team members know that in the end they are ultimately accountable to themselves and that inspires them to our next value: Excellence.

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