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Accountability and Leadership

After our Leadership 500 honor, many people have asked for more information on our leadership development program. For the next two weeks we are going to spend some time going through how IDR operates, and why Leadership Excellence magazine awarded us on their Leadership 500 results.

One of the most important parts of any programs is the accountability. Today we will focus on how employees are kept accountable through these programs, how your progress relates to your progression at IDR, and more:

To grow at IDR is a choice.  Working hard will certainly contribute to a promotion, but one must be willing and able to accept the responsibilities of the job and of the leadership that come along with a promotion.  If someone is not ready to accept a promotion, we will not pressure that individual to accept the position, nor will we go to the next best qualified employee just to fill the gap.  We do look at a person’s participation in the various programs, and as you move further up in the levels, the requirements are greater: participation in programs increase, mentoring others is required, community service is required, workouts/bootcamps participation is tracked.  As an individual takes on more responsibility, he/she takes on more pressure and stress.  Teaching them how to handle stress, become organized, and have an outlet for relieving pressure becomes more important.

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