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A Guide to Handling Counteroffers Effectively

The dreaded counteroffer: It’s a common but uncomfortable component of the interview process. However, it is possible to circumvent this situation before it ever happens by making an offer they can’t refuse. 

Here’s how to make irresistible hiring offers to top talent:

First, Do Your Research

You must meet or beat the industry norms for each role. Make sure you know what those numbers and compensation packages look like before the first interview. What are they expecting? If you don’t hit the mark with the first offer, what could a counteroffer look like? Use this data to fuel your next interview and enhance your next offer. 

Ways to research include:

Match Candidate Priorities

There’s more to the perfect job than the salary. Gain a deeper understanding of what the perfect candidate finds important or what aligns with their core values. Make an offer that extends beyond the paycheck and into the mission, lifestyle, environment, support, growth, and more.

Questions you can ask to figure this out: 

Make The Compensation Worth It

Then there’s the salary. Nobody works for free, no matter how much they believe in the mission or vision of your company. It’s your job to bolster the base salary with other benefits the candidate may find valuable. Examples include flexible hours, remote opportunities, bonuses, retirement plans, insurance benefits, company retreats, and others.

Communicate Their Future Possibilities

If there’s room for promotion and development, make sure they can envision their career path opportunities. Is there training available? Certifications? Conferences? Any channels for skill and personal development will be appealing to the right candidate. Paint a picture of what their role could look like in 2, 5, or 10 years. 

Capture Top Talent With IDR

Recruiting the best the IT industry has to offer requires a strong strategy. At IDR, we can help you source, hire, and retain top talent. Contact our team, and let’s plan your strategy today. 

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