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Five Ways to be a Great Coworker

how to be a great coworker

You have a couple of options. You can either be someone that people don’t like working with or someone that people love having on their team. You can probably think of examples of both in your office or past right now. We broke down some of the common qualities found in likable coworkers. Take a look and be honest with yourself about whether you think these things are true of you or not.

1. Take it easy. Don’t be oversensitive and too important to laugh with the people around you. Yes, you are at work and should be focused on your job. But a few lighthearted moments help everyone break up the day and connect with one another.

2. Be a team player. You’ve heard this a million times. This means that even small tasks aren’t below you. You aren’t too good, too important, too qualified to help out with a seemingly minor or menial task.

3. Be thorough. Don’t half-do things. When you are given a project, add as much value to it as you can. This may mean additional research, conversations with clients/coworkers, extra learning and effort on your part, etc.

4. Think outside the box. Don’t give the obvious answer or present only a tired solution. Look at situations with fresh perspective. Offer solutions that may be a stretch but could add tremendous value.

5. Be authentic. Shoot straight with people and be honest. This may be the most important item on this list. The core of relationships is trust, and you want to be trusted. Admit when you’re wrong, and when you disagree, do it with tact.


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