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Five Simple Ways to be More Productive

Many of us struggle with staying focused throughout the workday. This is especially challenging when your job requirements are basically the same each day. But we believe in playing to win and being the very best we can be in whatever it is we do, so how is that possible in this context? Below are a few tips and tricks for you to try. They aren’t for everyone and you may find only a few that are applicable. That’s OK! Use what works for you.

Get up.

Keep your blood moving and your mind clear. Every hour, step back to grab some coffee, check in on a coworker, or stand and stretch. Don’t let yourself get bogged down and your mind disengaged.

Shut Your Door.

Now, we don’t all have doors on our offices…or even our own offices for that matter. But for those who do, closing your door will help keep you from getting distracted by the unimportant things going on outside. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be welcoming to people coming in to meet and talk with you. Closing your door is about you and using something physical to create a mental state of focus on the job at hand.


This happens to be a really important part of our culture here at IDR. Exercise has many benefits. It makes you a healthier person, which leads to higher output capacity. It also lowers stress levels. Stress is connected to low productivity and diminished job performance. Some companies allow this to be part of the workday, and if you work in such a place, taking advantage of that is a no-brainer. For those who don’t have that option, find a window of time in your day and make this a priority.


Your surroundings matter. It is much harder to work on projects in a setting where you are used to relaxing in (e.g., your den). If you have work to do outside of the office, find a spot to devote to work-related activities. That may be a coffee shop or a desk in your home. The difference this can make is dramatic.

Find Your Sweet Spot.

When you are given the opportunity to choose your task or project, capitalize on it by selecting something you know you have a better chance of getting excited about or energized by. It could be because of the subject matter or the skills required. Look for chances to do things that bring life to your job.

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