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3 Interview Strategies to Get Your Dream Job

If you’re a recent college graduate or a few years out, you might assume your first big break will be an ordinary job. No fancy perks or exciting culture, just a place to punch-in and gain needed on-the-job experience. Not really something you’ll brag about on social media.

But why is it that you have to settle on anything less than a dream job?

Though your professional experience is narrow, a college graduate equipped with the right information is rarely limited to the lower rungs of the job market. Preparation, confidence, and these interview strategies can get you the type of job you’ve always wanted.


Set the right interview tone

Among your job interview strategies, non-verbal communication matters. Your actions, expressions, posture, and overall attitude determine whether you or not you get that dream job.  In fact, they at times outweigh your words.

If your body language, tone, and words clash, an interviewer will rely more heavily on the non-verbal cues: your actions, expressions, posture, and overall attitude. These particularly stand out.


Tailor responses to your dream job

Every company wants something a little bit different. An interviewer can spot when you roll out a stock response to an interview question. Nuanced answers as part of your interview strategies show that you understand what your dream job is about and what makes it different.


Ask the right job interview questions

Your job interview isn’t a thesis defense. It’s a dialogue where both sides are learning about the other. Remember it’s just as important to you that you find a good fit.

Perfecting your interview strategies

Getting your dream job from the start isn’t impossible. It takes a blend of professional presence, focused answers, and enlightening questions to prove without a doubt that the position and culture are right for both sides. Once you have this total package together as part of your interview

strategies, it’ll be hard for your dream job to pass you by.

At IDR, we’re always looking for driven people (especially recent college graduates) who can adapt to new situations and thrive in our upbeat, team-oriented office. Find out more and apply here.


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