You won’t like to work here

Several people have asked how we break it to people that manage to get past the boot camp and into the office for an interview, but after an interview still don’t fit. It is inevitable that some people who don’t fit the culture will slip through our filtering system. We start with a boot camp and anyone can come and participate if they are interested.

As we talked about before, boot camp immediately repels those who aren’t interested in health and fitness. That leaves us with people that will fit into our company culture of loving health and fitness. That alone doesn’t not guarantee that a candidate will be a good fit.

Be Honest, Brutally Honest

Our first step is to be completely 100% honest with potential IT Recruiters that walk into our offices for an interview. We tell them exactly what the job is like. Even the messy stuff that most of our competitors sweep under the rug. We don’t pull punches, anyone in the recruiting industry knows that there are some weekend days involved.

We don’t sugar coat it. We tell them that there will be times that client work will necessitate working on a Saturday. We tell them that sometimes your IT candidates can only meet before or after “normal” working hours. While it might not be the stated goal, we know that this approach can quickly turn off an employee.

Ask Probing Questions

Most of the time in interviews the interviewer asks questions that seem to be geared toward determining if a person will be a good employee instead of good at their job. We want to know how you will handle the job itself. If you are going to fit our culture we need to know that you can not only fit in with us, but do your job well.

We are in a sales business. No bones about it, you have to be able to sell. And that means you have to be able to hear the word no, a lot without getting discouraged. We know that if you fit our culture you will be a good employee, so we focus our interviewing on whether or not you can do the job.

Saying No

In the end if it isn’t a good fit culturally or job wise, we are honest and tell that person they wouldn’t like to work here. As hard to say as it is we believe that it is a waste of our time and theirs to spend 3 or 4 months coming to the same conclusion. In the end they are certain to be in the same place as when they started: still looking for a job.

We just decide to cut out the waste of time and resources and tell them: You won’t like to work here.