Wish Bone Boot Camp Success!

On May 30th, 62 people came to support Osteogenesis Imperfecta and Jeff Black’s (IDR’s personal trainer & good friend) passion to find federal funding options for the testing of OI at IDR’s Wish Bone Boot Camp! It was so incredible to see everyone come out and support our IDR family and the fight against IO. In addition, IDR matched a donation for each individual that attended.  The free event raised over $1,000 in donations, surpassing our goal!
Brennin Hunt performed some snazzy tunes while the participants worked hard, eager to support the cause. Overall, the boot camp was a great success! We strongly feel we couldn’t have done it without everyone’s desire to give, and impact those living with OI!
A check will be presented to the Osteogeneis Imperfecta Foundation next month by Jeff, who will be visiting congress and senators to encourage them to support/provide more funding for testing of this disease. Jeff will also give a motivational speech to the children of the foundation that are affected by OI.
Thanks again for everyone’s support, and we can’t wait for our next Give Back Initiative!