If you have been on our blog before, you have likely seen a post about our bootcamps, fun runs, or personal training sessions. Many of you have asked questions about why we choose to give our employees time during work hours to get their fitness on. “Do you not realize you are loosing money by paying for it and loosing valuable work hours?”

Here is what so much of corporate America is missing. By giving our team members time to better themselves, we get more out of them and they get more out of life. A win-win and no-brainer for us. Health and fitness go hand in hand. Our employees have fewer sick days, they are more focused, they get their stress out in workouts, they have better mental focus, and they can handle their work load more easily.

Hard workouts teach you how to deal with tough situations. A hard workout teaches mental focus and determination to overcome obstacles. This kind of training cannot be taught in a classroom.

It is common ground for companies to pay for “training” sessions and seminars. So why would we not pay and allow our team members to get some of the best training available? Our training affects not only their work life but their personal life and health.

So they question may not be why… but why not?