Each of our offices read books together. We take whatever  book we chose for the month and divide it by chapters for each week. Each week, we take time during our production capability meeting to discuss the book. We talk about what we like, need to implement, disagree with and our general thoughts.

Right now, our Dallas office is reading The World’s Most Powerful Leadership Principle: How to Become a Servant Leader. Written by James C. Hunter, this text has taken our offices by storm. The book focuses on how to lead as a servant, which is something very important to our team.

the worlds most powerful leadership principleWhitney shared a few of the powerful parts of this books, “The book is challenging. In the very first chapter, it says if you are not ready and committed to take on the challenge then stop reading now. There is an expectation to take this knowledge seriously.”

Shelton recently read the book with the Atlanta team and was also impacted by the knowledge, “It (the book) teaches when you are a leader your whole job is in serving others. Most people think the higher they get in a company the more people they have serving them. Hunter explains the opposite should happen. The higher you get in a company, the more people you should be serving. Teach others how to lead.”

The book is an easy read for anyone looking to strengthen their leadership skills and push themselves to the next level.