Unlock Untapped Potential

The article, “Make the Leap, Unlock Untapped Potential” has been circulating around our Nashville office recently. It is an important concept for any leaders trying to understand the people around them. This article (and website) take a  look at the potential of employees, and their needs. All the information is based upon the Leap Model by Rick Smith.

Author Rick Smith begins with a simple question, what’s holding people back from taking the leap into high performance? The article is based off of a website, quiz and book (all combined into one big plethora of information). On the website, you can take the free quiz to determine your “primary color” this color will help you figure out more about your personality in the work place. Disclaimer: the quiz takes about 15 minutes. It has 27 questions, and all of the questions require reading and thinking. Lengthy, but worth it.

Smith encourages leaders to help their followers in three ways:

1. Lead them towards their “primary color”
“Align your strengths and passions with your daily activities to unlock potential and accelerate development.”
2. Focus on a big, simple, selfless idea
“Anyone can lead authentically, while leveraging this powerful leadership approach that inspires and enlists others, and encourages delegation with alignment to the overall objective.”
3. Activate the spark sequence
“Successfully exploring and exploiting new opportunities requires risk mitigation, not risk aggravation.  The spark sequence reveals how anyone can broaden his or her horizons, increasing creativity and innovation, while simultaneously decreasing risk.”


Although these ideas are simple, tapping into them can really change your environment. When you understand your employees, you can figure out where they can excel. When they excel, the company excels. How do you try to better understand your team’s strengths and passions?