Try This: Eat Lunch with a Colleague

Eating while we work is fairly common in the business world. There are never enough hours in the day, and staff teams tend to call meetings during lunch hour or down a sandwich at a conference table in order to stay ahead and get things done. Let’s propose a new idea: cancel the meetings, get out from behind our desks, and eat lunch with someone.

Why? Well, think about it. In spite of all the email newsletters, blogs and social networks, the way most people stay aware of the goings-on at work is by talking to each other. The less time we spend together, the less we know about what’s happening. The less we know what’s happening, the higher the chance that opportunities for improvement and innovation go unnoticed.

Also, you want to know and trust your colleagues. Building these relationships takes time and never happens in meetings. Since daydreaming and wandering minds are strongly connected to creativity, a relaxing, business-free lunch isn’t a waste of time. It could just be the beginning of turning a job into a passion.