The Rise of the Supertemp

Years ago, large corporations were built on a foundation of life-long employees. However, the tide is turning and a new career field is turning into something sought of by many.

A temp. A term referring to an impermanent, short-lived employee, often hired for seasonal or project-based work. Once something college students subjected themselves to for summer pay, being a temp is becoming something many are choosing over working towards executive and professional positions. In her review of the book, The Rise of the Supertemp,” Jody Greenstone writes about how “independent professionals are making inroads in law, consulting, and even management roles, sometimes earning more than they did in their previous positions while escaping 80-hour weeks, endless internal meetings, and corporate politics.” Many companies and employees finding success together. Greenstone says, “they’re achieving a gratifying work/life balance. Corporations are learning how best to tap the supertemps’ skills; organizations may soon come to look less like pyramids and more like jigsaw puzzles. Intermediary firms that broker independent talent are growing rapidly.”

On the other hand, even through the success found by many “supertemps,” there are still obstacles facing them. Due to the independent work status, health coverage benefits are few and far between.

So, is this just a fad or is the supertemp here to stay?