Our book recommendation this week is one very close to the heart of IDR. The Corporate Athlete is a book we found out about not too long ago. The reason we love it some much is that it perfectly articulates some of our core beliefs.

Author Jack Groppel correlates some of the basic principles of athletics straight to business–your practice, performance, and how you can train to succeed at work. Fine-tuning your workout regimen has a direct effect on your work performance.

“Executives and employees in the new millennium can protect their health and happiness and continue to perform at high levels only by doing what athletes do–train,” Groppel writes. “You must become a Corporate Athlete, which means adapting the training mentality of elite, high-performance athletes.”

The book is a 21 day plan that focuses on nutrition, fitness, and spiritual health. I have no doubts if you follow this plan you will see positive effects of it in every area of your life. The book will not only give you an added push but will help reduce stress levels and teach you how to handle life… not just your work OR home life.