Texas A&M Sales Competition

In the past, you may remember our Dallas branch going to a sales competition at Texas A&M. Although we have told you that we have gone, we may not have explained what the competition is, or why we go.

Each Spring and Fall, the buisness school at Texas A&M hosts a sales competition. At the beginning of the competition, there is a personal selling class.  Then, the competition begins to sell two products  made by AT&T. Whitney & Will from our Dallas team served as judges and Eric acted as the buyer in the competition. Although we are, “acting” the competition has a very serious tone, and everyone is very professional.

Eric follows scripted questions when acting as the buyer. As judges, Whitney and Will use criteria for scoring such as their opening, if they meet objectives, use of visual aids, persistence in making the sale, how they handle obstacles, and their personal presentation.

Whitney explained why our Dallas office loves this opportunity, “This is a great experience for us. It gives us a chance to mix and mingle with students. We have a lunch & dinner with them so it gives us time to talk to them more than just during their performance. We get the unique opportunity to tell about them about the IDR culture. We also build relationships with professors who recommended students who should come work with us.”

Although we love this event, it is also a great opportunity for students to get, “real-world” experience. And there are some sweet prizes for top performers. IDR donated $1500 for 1-4th place finishers in prize money.