Production Capability Meeting

Once a week, each of our branches has a “Production Capability Meeting.” This meeting is a vital part of IDR as an organization. There are many companies that think “staff meetings” are a waste of time. In their mind, when you account for the time of every employee present, a one-hour weekly staff meeting totals to thousands of dollars a year in money being “wasted.”

So how can you make sure your meetings are worth your money and your employees time?

Consider what we do. At IDR there is a reason we don’t call them staff meetings because they aren’t standard, waste of time meetings. Our Production Capability Meetings keep us on track. We discuss the book we are currently reading, talk about goals for the week, share problems we have overcome or are dealing with, and celebrate successes since our last meeting.

We may invest a lot of money in these meetings over the year, but it is worth it to us to maximize our production capability. The “meeting” in and of itself offers very little. The ideas, problems, and learning brought to each meeting bring a value to our team that has no dollar amount.