A proactive Valentine’s Day is really what Valentine’s Day was meant to be. You plan ahead out of your love and affection for your significant other. Dinner reservations are set several days or weeks in advance. You aren’t rushing around at the last minute selecting a card or writing a note.

Take note of all the people in your office today that are making plans at the last minute. Hastily sending a secretary to the grocery store for some flowers and chocolate really isn’t the point of Valentine’s Day is it? Just as we strive to be proactive in our efforts at work we should also be proactive in our personal lives. Our significant others deserve our very best at home because we spend a great deal of time away.

If you waited until the last minute to get your Valentine’s Day plans set you have the opportunity to make up for it. Choose a day in the next month and really plan it. Be proactive. I assure you that your significant other will appreciate the thoughtfulness much more than the biggest vase of roses bought at the last minute.