The girls in our Atlanta office recently began working out with a new trainer. Erica Miller has been coaching and training for fifteen years and is very experienced in health and nutrition. Before she began training, Erica coached volleyball at Auburn University.

While we have only been working out with Erica for a few weeks, we have loved it so far! We work out with her on Monday and Wednesday afternoons and typically work in a circuit setting. On Mondays, we have 10 exercises (everything from running on the treadmill to squats) and the stations are 60, 45 or  30 seconds long. So we do one exercise for 60 seconds, quickly move to the next and start again. When we have finished a complete cycle, we have a short minute of rest before we begin the cycle again, this time for 45 seconds. And then again for 30 seconds.

On Wednesdays we have two or three strength exercises. This week we had front squats where we completed 10 reps with 45 lbs, 8 reps with 65 lbs, and 6 reps with 85 lbs. We also had 30 pull-ups. During pull-ups some used the band for support and others completed them by themselves. We all took breaks between them to break up the set! After completing our strength component, we had a fast and furious combination of 15, 12, 9, 6, 3 with burpees and dumbbell deadlifts. In this we do 15 burpees, 15 dumbbell deadlifts, 12 burpees, 12 dumbbell dead-lifts, and so on. This circuit is for time, meaning you do it as fast as you can and compare time with others. I finished in 5:45 using 20lb dumbbells.

We are excited about this new partnership with Erica! She is an excellent encourager, yet balances her encouragement with push and support to strengthen us by physically and mentally.