Our Nashville office is proud to announce our two newest members: Will LaWare and Stephanie Gerinario. We are excited for the great work we know these two will produce. Although we know they are great, here is a little peak at these two for the rest of you.Stephanie:
“My name is Stephanie Germinario. I graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry and Cellular Molecular Biology in August 2008. I chose to work for IDR for so many reasons. I loved spending time with everyone in the office. When I came in to shadow I could tell that everyone was genuinely passionate and excited about working at IDR. This is truly amazing to be a part of such an exciting, upbeat, and positive atmosphere!”

“I was originally born in upstate Poughkeepsie, NY.  When I was 7-8 I moved down here to Brentwood, TN. I graduated from the University of Tennessee Knoxville where I received a double major in Enterprise Management and Marketing.
What really attracted me to IDR was their strong work ethic and major focus on physical and mental fitness.  The leadership program that they set up was also something that enticed me.  The fact that as a team, I would develop myself through book clubs and group workouts interested me very much. I am here to make a difference and also impact the company positively.  I would like to break all the records and become the best IT Recruiter/Professional that the world has ever seen and I feel that with the help and support of my fellow peers here that it is 100% attainable. A fun fact about myself would be that I have been skydiving.  It was probably one of the most exciting moments of my life.”
Welcome to the team Stephanie and Will!