Nashville Gathering Week Highlights

At the end of quarter 1 our teams convened for our quarterly, “Gathering Week.” This quarter our week was hosted in Nashville. We rotate cities to give each branch a turn to show off their city to the rest of the branches. This also allows our team to see all four of our different branches. And most importantly, it allows us to meet and build relationships with the teams in each city.

Our most recent gathering week has some unique highlights. On the first day, there was a tornado 1 or 2 miles away from the office that our team had no idea about. They were so focused on their leadership council activities, that no one noticed the fierce weather outside. And although there was severe damage to some surrounding areas, the team was unharmed and not phased by the incident!

Another highlight of the week was Day getting to attend! Day is our Atlanta trainer extraordinaire! He worked with the local trainers on the balance game principals and administered Game Days (unique fitness test) to non-ATL based team members.

Congratulations to our 5 team members who passed Jedi exams & advanced to account manager! And to the 3 who advanced to account manager from a recruiter position! AND to the two who advanced from other positions!

As always at our gathering week we do team boot-camp and a 4 mile run. During this week, our team beat the existing Nashville office record for the run!

It was an exciting week indeed, and we are excited to grown and develop in quarter 2!