Mission Statement Monday: Shelton

Happy Memorial Day everyone! We hope you are enjoying an extra day off relaxing and most importantly remembering those who have sacrificed so much for all of us. To kick off this week we are highlighting the mission statement of Shelton Blease, our operations manager.

“My mission in life is to lead a truly happy life with meaning and purpose by walking on the path God has provided me and by being vigilant, so as not to stray too far off. I will provide a positive light for those in the dark or the shade, and be a motivator and supporter for those who have given up. I will love, cherish, and be faithful to my wife so long as we both shall live. I will be a role model for my children, and I will guide them to discover what a meaningful life is. I live and will continue to live by the values and principles that have been instilled in me by the many great people whom have crossed my path over the years. I do not believe that ignorance is bliss, for something not learned or understood is truly a tragedy; therefore, I will always encourage education amongst myself and those in which I come in contact. I will be wise in the decisions I make, learning from not only my own experiences, but also from those experiences of others for good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment. I will work hard in everything I do, overcoming those moments of fatigue and weakness. I will maintain a healthy body, mind, and spirit.”

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