Mission Statement Monday: Will

Who can believe we are already into the second week of August? The summer has flown by! To kick off this week we have our Dallas branch manager, Will, to share his mission statement!

“I will persist to maintain and generate new relationships by showing true kindness, love, and more gratefulness to all individuals that I encounter in life. My goals professionally and personally will be achieved through accountability and my commitments to my peers, co-workers, family, and God.

In order to obtain self-respect, I will focus on being humble and more receptive to knowledge and guidance from all mentors and education as I grow. I will focus on judging nobody and feeling more purpose in life by approaching individuals with more gratitude. I will find happiness and beauty in all that I do and focus more on knowing that I am whole and perfect as I was created.

Through hard work, discipline and following my mission statement, positive influences and success will be created around me.”