Mission Statement Monday: Brandon

Our Mission Monday this week is highlighting Brandon Rogers who is a branch manager from our Nashville team. Brandon has worked with IDR for FOUR years and we are excited to share his mission statement:

“I will live a principle centered life that will continually and positively affect others on a daily basis. I will lead by example with love and respect while investing in and relying on myself, my company, and my co-workers. I will show compassion without compromising my values. I will live courageously, confronting my fears head on, welcoming the trials and tribulations that promote true character.

I will remain humble, giving thanks to God and furthering His Kingdom. I will be remembered for my intense passion to challenge the unknown and blaze my own trail. I will find delight in the successes of my fellow man never hesitating to sacrifice my time, strength, and capital for a greater cause.

I will be a fair leader, striving to listen without prejudice, always presenting solutions rather than judgment.
With steadfast persistence, I will prioritize my time and energy to relentlessly increasing my awareness physically, mentally, and spiritually. This is my mission…”

Thanks Brandon!