Keeping up with the Tech Race

The IT industry is a constantly evolving wheel. Often we see candidates who were the hot shots of their profession 5 years ago who are now struggling to keep up. On the flip side, there are fresh college grads who may not have the necessary experience but are on the cutting edge of the latest and greatest IT practices and tools.

So how do you find the balance between experience and expertise in your hiring practices? And if you are in the IT field, how do you keep up with the tech race while maintaining your current career?

The best advice I can give you is this:

Grow or die.

You must be willing to adapt and grow as the industry does so. Often professionals get so set in their ways they are not willing to learn new practices and integrate new technology. You MUST be actively pursuing how to adapt and grow. Many people get upset every time Facebook has an adaptation. They are confused over the changes so they decide they “Hate the new Facebook!” People must realize that without adaptations, Facebook would be in the current condition of Myspace. While adaptation is hard and sometimes confusing in the beginning… if you don’t grow, you die.