Katie Tansey | Sales Manager | The University of Rhode Island

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How has your college experience influenced your career at IDR?
Being a collegiate athlete had a strong influence in preparing me for my career at IDR. As a four-year team-member & two-year captain of our Division I Cheerleading team, I learned many key things about myself, and the discipline, commitment, and resilience it takes to achieve a team goal, and the difference in having a leadership title versus true influential leadership. My coach strived to mold not only our skills, but our minds as well – She challenged us to dig deep, to continuously work to improve ourselves, and to truly embrace our role as Ambassadors. The prioritization and daily preparation skills I learned throughout my time as a Student Athlete are some of the key fundamental skills that allowed me to be effective early-on in my career at IDR!

What is your favorite sports team?
NY Giants – Let’s Go G-Men!!!

What is your favorite season?
Summer, because there’s nothing prettier than Long Island (My home) in the summertime!

If you were given any 3 ingredients and 30 minutes on Top Chef, what could you make?
Oats, an egg, and a banana – I could whip up flourless pancakes in 10 minutes!

Do you have a hidden talent? If so, what is it?
I can turn my left wrist all the way around…without breaking it – Not quite sure how I originally discovered this one!

No one knows this about me….
I originally had intentions of playing lacrosse in college, and then made the decision my senior year of High School to Cheer in college, instead.