Through your time on the IDR blog, you have often heard us reference “Day.” Day is our personal trainer in Atlanta, the owner of YourDay, and the man who administers Game Days and Balance Charts for everyone at IDR. Last week, I had the opportunity to sit down with Day and talk about how he works with IDR. This interview turned out great! We are excited to share it with all of you for an inside look at this core part of IDR.

What is Character Fitness?
Character Fitness is the utilization of health and fitness to change habits and make new ones. This is the teaching methodology to the Balance Game (the whole part of my work with IDR.) A lot of programs speak to a quick fix; character fitness is a “caution: get fit quick not included” program.  Many say it takes 2-3 months to build a habit, but no muscle forms in 18-20 days. I say it takes two to three years to build character.  Ultimately, character is the outcome of your habits.

How is the Balance Game played?
Reveal, re-create and revitalize. First you take a Game Day. This four quarter game shows me how you respond when you are pushed physically as well as mentally and emotionally. It reveals to me where you are. Next,  we create a  Balance Chart. Your Balance Chart is specifically tailored to YOUR needs and struggles. This helps you re-create habits. Revitalization is what comes from executing the first two. It is a challenge one day at a time, nothing quickly. But through the process, you will become re-energized, playing for something bigger than quick fix gratification.

How is something like this applied to an organization?
Authenticity is the key.  Character Fitness gives any organization an authentic playing field. “Co-workers” see each others’ struggles in bootcamps and their success or failure during Game Days. There is no faking it when you can see how someone is really improving. Their improved mental/physical/emotional state from Character Fitness is displayed everyday in how they handle problems and their energy at work.

Check back on Friday to see the second half of our interview with Day!