We are back with Part II of our interview with Day! Day has been giving you guys some inside information on Character Fitness and how it works at IDR.

What personal benefits are revealed?
When you have health AND fitness in your workplace, big things happen. People are more energized, ready to take on their day, have better moods and less negative energy bringing the office down.  When your health and fitness are in line,  you can more clearly see who you are.  There is a direct impact to how you perform. The waves (problems) that used to break you now seem smaller, and you can deal with them easier.

How is employee retention or turnover effected?
Character Fitness will show you who is in it for the long-haul. There are a lot of people who want to be about something and few who actually will be about something. This will wash-out the real from the “trying.”  Those who withstand the wash-out will become loyal to your purpose and principles. A lot of people do not have the commitment to stay committed. There is a high “wash-out” period at the beginning. Yet, in the end, people align to this concept and become loyal to the organization and to what the organization is promoting.

How does this change the character of the organization?
Character is just a group of habits. By shifting people’s habits, they can obtain the character they want.  When you shift your habits you shift who you are. Once one person shifts, the organization shifts. Once everyone shifts to create the character they desire, the organization grows tremendously as a whole. Bottom lines increase, sick days decrease, company synergy improves and people are energized inside and outside of work.

Closing thoughts?
Love the journey. It is not always easy, but it is so worth it when you realize the beauty in every challenge.