Alumni Connections

May May Cates
Account Manager | Auburn Alumni
I believe the networking I did at Auburn really set me up for success. It is a place where you instantly feel like family and there are always people that want to help you and want to see you succeed. Auburn is family. Even after college I have noticed some of my best most valuable connections in the working world have come from past Auburn graduates. War Damn!

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Ashley Brickman
Engagement Manager | UNC Greensboro
Being a college athlete, I learned how to handle multitasking, prioritizing and being disciplined. All these characteristics have helped me throughout my career at IDR.

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Danny Roberge
Branch Manager | MTSU Alumni
College caused me to get out of my shell and meet new people. The ability to talk to a stranger and be comfortable in your own skin is priceless. In every class, I would make it a point to meet 5 new people a week until I knew everyone. You would be surprised what knowing people can do for you!

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Anna Burton
Recruiting Manager | MTSU Alumni
My college experience shaped my career by showing me the benefits of a career in sales and the confidence to do so. MTSU offered so many experiential learning opportunities to really see and feel what different career paths have to offer. Specifically, taking Personal Selling really sparked my interest in pursuing sales after college and I found out about IDR through Lightning JobSource.

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Nic Pena
Account Manager | Oklahoma State University
My college experiences prepared me very well for my career at IDR. At IDR, I was given the opportunity to run and operate my own business. The only differences between IDR and college are: I have the support of a team to help me, and we make a ton of money doing it! In college, I also had the opportunity build relationships with all different kinds of people and personalities. In my career with IDR, I do just this – build relationships with as many people as I can. I have learned not to sell to my clients, but to serve them. A large part of serving my clients is learning how to meet and exceed their expectations.

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Jessica West
Recruiting Manager | Alabama Alumni
I worked in advertising sales for 3 years in college for my school’s campus newspaper. In this role I gained valuable sales experience and formed relationships with other students/sales reps that I later referred and brought on board to the IDR team along with me!

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Kelsey Johnson
Dallas Branch Coordinator | Texas Tech
During my time with Alpha Phi I learned a lot about leadership and all the respect you have to give in order to receive it, team work and how putting heads together will usually always solve a problem more efficiently, giving back and how important that is, and overall it taught how to be a part of something bigger than just Kelsey, I had an organization to represent wherever I was and that was something I took pride in and wanted to protect our name and brand!

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