Alumni Connections

May May Scott
Senior Account Manager | Auburn Alumni
I believe the networking I did at Auburn really set me up for success. It is a place where you instantly feel like family and there are always people that want to help you and want to see you succeed. Auburn is family. Even after college I have noticed some of my best most valuable connections in the working world have come from past Auburn graduates. War Damn!

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Danny Roberge
Vice President | MTSU Alumni

College caused me to get out of my shell and meet new people. The ability to talk to a stranger and be comfortable in your own skin is priceless. In every class, I would make it a point to meet 5 new people a week until I knew everyone. You would be surprised what knowing people can do for you!

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Anna Burton
Vice President of Delivery | MTSU Alumni
My college experience shaped my career by showing me the benefits of a career in sales and the confidence to do so. MTSU offered so many experiential learning opportunities to really see and feel what different career paths have to offer. Specifically, taking Personal Selling really sparked my interest in pursuing sales after college and I found out about IDR through Lightning JobSource.

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Jessica Glisson
Lead Recruiter | Universtiy of Alabama
I worked in advertising sales for 3 years in college for my school’s campus newspaper. In this role I gained valuable sales experience and formed relationships with other students/sales reps that I later referred and brought on board to the IDR team along with me!

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Kelsey Johnson
Operations Manager | Texas Tech

During my time with Alpha Phi I learned a lot about leadership and all the respect you have to give in order to receive it, team work and how putting heads together will usually always solve a problem more efficiently, giving back and how important that is, and overall it taught how to be a part of something bigger than just Kelsey, I had an organization to represent wherever I was and that was something I took pride in and wanted to protect our name and brand!

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Katie Tansey
Sales Manager | The University of Rhode Island…GO RHODY!
Being a collegiate athlete had a strong influence in preparing me for my career at IDR. As a four-year team-member & two-year captain of our Division I Cheerleading team, I learned many key things about myself, and the discipline, commitment, and resilience it takes to achieve a team goal, and the difference in having a leadership title versus true influential leadership.

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Hailey Phillips
Senior Recruiter | Auburn University
In my sales class senior year, I learned so much that helped my career at IDR. In that class, I learned that you will fail more than you will succeed. I think all of my failures have made me a better recruiter. And I also learned that every day is going to be a new challenge. This could not be more true…. I start my day every morning asking myself “what will be the challenge of the day?”

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Madi Marlatte
Sales Manager | Ole Miss
During my time at Ole Miss, I was consistently busy between classes, work, dance practice, and sorority meetings/functions. Keeping up with that hectic scheduled absolutely prepared me for my time at IDR and has allowed me to easily keep up with multiple tasks at a time and to remember to stay calm, cool, and collected throughout the chaotic and challenging times.

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Brian Scheffer
Corporate Recruiter | Texas A&M University
Most importantly, it taught me to never give up. College wasn’t always easy, and I didn’t always make the best choices, but I was a fighter and always stuck with it and it paid off, and that mentality has helped me in staffing. Also, being sociable, working with others, and having fun in college led to a perfect transition with IDR.

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Katelyn Pool
Engagement Manager | Texas Tech University
I was an Alpha Phi at Texas Tech and loved being involved in my sorority! My junior year I was a part of the recruitment team and developed a passion for developing relationships. This is why I love my job as one of our Engagement Managers!

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Connor Zophy
Alumni Relationship Manager | Kennesaw State University
Courtney Gillis
Sales Manager | University of North Georgia