Work is often less about what you provide and more about how you provide it. Two companies can give you the same product or service, but with one you can be extremely happy and with another you can be very disappointed.

Let’s look at computers for a minute. Your computer breaks so you have to buy a new one. You can spend $1200 and buy an Apple or spend $600 and get a laptop at Best Buy. Have you ever seen someone walk out of the Apple store with a new computer and a frown on their face? My guess is no. Even if you had to buy it, getting a new Mac is like a mini Christmas. On the flip side, the guy who has to go buy his HP laptop is likely annoyed walking out of the store and telling all his friends, “This week has been awful. My computer crashed and I had to go buy a new one…”

Am I telling you to go by and Apple over other brands? No. See, buying a Mac is about more than a computer. It is about something. It is about challenging the status quo, being on the cutting edge, and getting an experience with every use.

At IDR we don’t just want to just provide a candidate for a position. We want every single person who interacts with IDR to have a memorable experience. So, what is at the foundation of those experiences we provide?

The combination of humility and service. We believe this unique combination is one that will leave clients, candidates, and everyone else with a positive lasting impression of IDR. Is it always easy? No. Do we always achieve it? No. But we strive to provide humility and service as best we can.