At IDR we take our health seriously. Our balance charts help keep us accountable day by day for how we are helping (or hurting) our bodies. Although we know how much our bodies are impacted by what we eat, many people don’t care about it.

This week, McDonalds announced their new initiative for health. I know what your thinking, “McDonalds and health do not belong in the same sentence.” And I agree in most cases. But their decision to offer healthier choices and provide people with more nutritional information required courage that most fast food companies do not have.

So hats off McDonalds. While I am not going to order a super-sized big mac to celebrate, it does encourage those of us trying to stay healthy.

The change I am most excited about is their new happy meals. These changes will include a fruit or vegetable in every happy meal and a smaller serving of fries. This change is a great reminder that sometimes you can have a treat, but in moderation and with something nutritious!

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